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Dam's decommissioning 
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The Blois Dam

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September 2004, Blois, France.
Last year of functionning for the dam

Photo : Conseil Supérieur de la Pêche

January 2005, Blois, France.
The dam is definitively lowered before decommissioning

and restoration of the place

Photo : Conseil Supérieur de la Pêche



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The Blois' movable dam was built in 1970 in the department Loir et Cher (41). Its aim was to create a spare-time's base. In high position from June to October, it stood in the way of the salmon's migration. Although there was a fish pass on the right bank of the river, it was non operational and the one on the left side was never built.

Within the framework of the Plan Loire Grandeur Nature, the Management Plan for migratory fishes 2003-2007 identified this obstacle as one of the black point to be solved in priority. According to the specialists of the Council for fishing, no technical solution was conceivable. The collective "l'Avenir du fleuve se construit sans barrage" (the future of the river is to build without dam) then opposed to the renewal of the concession. Given until then to the Conseil General 41, the concession was not renewed when it fell due the 17th April 2005. The prefectoral bylaw of the 14th April 2005 ordered to restore the place and to keep the floodgates opened till the dismantling works.

Carte du Bassin de la Loire