The Youth Water Parliaments



The step of the Youth Parliaments for Water was taken by Solidarity Water Europe (SEE) in 1999 in Espalion, at the first European Youth Parliament for Water.
The Youth Parliaments for Water are intercultural and intergenerational meetings which gather around the theme of water, professionals (educationalists, scientists, local representatives, technicians, engineers.......) and young citizens involved in a local project (public awareness, site cleaning, water resource protection, access to water.......).

The Parliaments' aims are the following :
ˇ To involve young people in water management by supporting those who take action for water throughout Europe, at school, in an organisation or in their family environment.
ˇ To encourage young people in the process of learning democracy and citizenship.
ˇ To heighten youth and adults' awareness of active water management in the field of hydrographical basins.
ˇ To promote exchanges, intercultural meetings and debates between young people and adults on the theme of water management. The theme depends on the Parliament location.


- The first european Youth Water Parliament (Espalion 1999 France, organized byr SEE in cooperation with the city of Espalion and Green Belgium)
SEE, external Link
Web Site of the german delegation excellent, in german only

- The Youth Parliament of the Rhine River Basin (Selesta / France, 2000, organized by SEE in cooperation with ERN and others)
(SEE, external Link)

- The local Youth Water Parliament in Verviers
(Belgium, 2000, organized by Green Belgium)
(SEE, external Link)

- The second european Youth Water Parliament in Barcs (2001, Hungary, organized by SEE in cooperation with, ERN, Green Belgium + Panonia, Collčge Louis Denayrouze, Duna-Drava National parc, Commenius freshwater network )

- SPLASH, 3rd European Youth Congress for Water, (2003, Geel, Belgium,
organized by KOGEKA schools community, the city of Geel, the NGO GREEN Belgium and the five youngsters that were elected at the previous Congress as Youth Water Representatives (YWR)
(Splash, external)

- Le Youth Water Parliament of the mediterranean basin (Malte 2003, coorganized by SEE and ERN) (SEE, external Link)

4 the European Youth Parliament for Water : September 1- 7, 2003 in Bulgaria
Information sur le site d'Earth forever:

- The 5th European Youth Parliament for Water 'from the source to the Delta"
was organised by Solidarity Water Europe in cooperation with ERN (Euroean Rivers Network) ,and supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, as part of the United Nations Year of Freshwater. (2003, en Suisse)

more information on
ERN Website (pdf files) in : english   français   deutsch
SEE Website


Espalion 1999 France


Espalion 1999 France


The széchenyi Férencs Gimnasiu
in Barcs, 2001 Hungary




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