Europe :  Elections ahead  +++   WFD under attack

Industry's  "wishlist" to weaken EU law 
Unsustainable industries, including industrial agriculture, hydropower and coal mining, are lobbying for devastating changes to the Water Framework Directive. A new paper from Living Rivers Europe shows that, if ever put into effect, such changes would give these sectors the green light to undertake even more destructive activities, potentially causing havoc to our rivers and lakes. But, far from obliging these sectors to clean up their act, some Member States have compiled a strikingly similar wish list, raising serious questions as to where their true interests lie. This document, published ahead of an informal meeting of the Environment Council in Bucharest, Romania on the 20th and 21st of May and reflected in a letter sent to Environment Ministers of EU Member States, precedes the launch, the second step of the campaign lead by Living Rivers Europe to ensure the integrity of the WFD, and follows the #Protectwater campaign during which more than 375,000 citizens expressed their wish for the WFD to remain unchanged. 
> Watch the video     > Read the Presserelease    > Industry’s wish list     > letter to the water directors meeting in Bucharest 

European elections May 2019 : the European Environmental Bureau gives us food for thought !

The European elections are coming soon ! The European Environmental Bureau gives you  information for an effective and responsible vote, and promotes the idea  to “re-protect” Europe … Indeed, European laws have kept us safe for years and must continue to be able to do so … But unfortunately, we can no

longer take for granted these crucial protections of men and nature. On the pretext that regulation is a “burden” for businesses, some politicians are trying to weaken or destroy EU laws. This is known as “deregulation”. 

Get to know the candidates who will maintain and strengthen the protection provided by the EU 
> More information      
> Briefing for voters : « Will you vote to reprotect Europe ? » .


Dams & Hydro  - World Hydropower Congress

 The World Hydropower Congress in Paris, 14-16 May
continues to portray large
hydroelectric dams as green
and a clean source of energy . Organized by the industrial lobby of the International Hydropower Association (IHA) in partnership with UNESCO, the conference’s title reads, “Delivering the Paris Climate Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals”. > more

 NGOs protest :  Dams fail to deliver the Paris climate agreement 
On May 13th, NGOS from the Civil Society  organized a parallel event to the World Hydropower Congress, to exert pressure where it hurts by asking the question :  "Hydroelectric Dams : solution or obstacle for delivering the Paris climate agreement and sustainale development goals?". NGOs also published a statement to expose the false promise of hydropower
> more (statement and event program)

 WWF and TNC launching a major report on the accelerating renewable revolution 
At the World Hydropower Congress, WWF and TNC (The Nature Conservancy) have released a major report. It shows how, for the first time, we can meet global climate goals (holding temperature below 1.5 degrees) and energy goals to provide power to the 1 billion people who currently lack access, without sacrificing the world's remaining free-flowing rivers - and the diverse benefits they provide to people and nature.
> more

 Last minute : SIGN NOW!  Public petition calling on members of the International Hydropower to halt or avoid any dam project that would impact our World Heritage sites:

Balkan rivers : Successes & new Threats

Vjosa :  URGENT  Sign  to save the wild River !
The Vjosa river and tributaries are at risk of being dammed by more than 40 hydro power plants. The major current threat is HPP Kalviaç, sited on the ecologically most valuable stretch of the river. An Albanian-Turkish consortium is pushing to rush through the entire EIA procedure within the next three months! Euronatur, Ecoalbania and Riverwatch are calling NGOs to sign an appeal to the Albanian President  by May the 17th !    > more

• Goldmann Price to Ana Colovic Lesoka from Macedonia
Ana Colovic Lesoska, Executive Director of Ekosvest, Bankwatch’s member group in Macedonia, has led a multi-year campaign to cut off international funding for two large hydro power plants planned within the Mavrovo National Park    > more

• Blue Heart Campaign  to stop uncontrolled capitalism destroying wild rivers

For many years now, the Euronatur Foundation, Ecoalbania, Riverwatch and many other partners have been conducting the successful Blue Heart campaign to save the wild balkan rivers, protesting  against 2,800 hydropower projects. The Balkans are home to the last  remaining wild rivers.        
> follow and support the campaign   
> Masterplan to save the balkan rivers   
> Watch the video on the Eco Masterplan for balkan rivers (2 Min.).


Rhine Connectivity : Netherlands 1 / France 0

 Haringvliet open - french dams are still a block to salmon
November the 15th and the Netherlands celebrated the opening of the storm surge barrier on the Haringvliet, almost exactly 47 years since the sluices were first put into operation. Three french dams are still blocking the rest of the Rhine on the way up to Basel. After having canceled the idea of a “fish taxi” in response to international pressure, France has promised a new plan to free the Rhine. Nothing has happened so far .... > more

• NGOs  files EU complaint against France
NGOs from France, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands support
ERN France (European Rivers Network). ERNs complaint is directed at
France due to the infringement of the Water Frame Directive

Impressive large Dam Removal  events ahead

• The last days of the French 36 m Vezins Dam in France
 The largest dam Removal in Europe approaches. All the preparatory work is close to completion. The dismantling of the dam itself commences in July 2019 but for reasons of flood protection three large openings, each 5m to 4m wide will be created. The removal process is monitored within the framework of a large scale scientific program.
   > ERNs webpages

• Upcoming international conferences on large dam removal
-  22th-23th of May International. seminary  "Let it flow" in Estonia   > more
-  24th-26th of September , Sélune Valley Revival - Europe's largest dam          
   removal, in Rennes and Mont Saint Michel, France  > info & registration


•  Wild Rivers Label moving to the Alps and Balkan
The European Rivers Network (ERN) and its french Partner "Fonds pour la la protection des Rivières sauvages" has successfully implemented a label "Wild River Site" in France.  So far twenty river sections  have been labelised . In cooperation with WWF , ERN has tested the french label on alpine rivers. The first two rivers outside of France will very probably be labelised in September in Switzerland. As a next step ERN is going to adapt the label to balkan rivers and later to be used in more European countries > more

 US leads by decades in Wild Rivers Protection.
The National Wild and Scenic Rivers System was created in 1968 to preserve  rivers with outstanding natural, cultural, and recreational value in a free-flowing condition  Only 12,754 miles are protected by the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act,  0.35% of the total river milage.  In the Framework of the 50th anniversary a new objective has been fixed: 5, 000 miles pure Wild Rivers > more

Biblic rivers under pressure

Tigris River : It is not yet too late to save the Tigris and Hasankeyf
For 12 millennia Hasankeyf, on the banks of the Tigris river in Turkey,  has been a site of uninterrupted human settlement. Independent researchers consider Hasankeyf and the surrounding Tigris Valley as historically important as Ephesus, Troy, Capaddoccia and Göbeklitepe. Regional NGOs are calling on individuals and organizations to support the call to the Turkish government to not start filling-in the Ilisu Dam scheduled for June 2019.   > read the call           > contact:      

Jordan River discussed at the UN-Security Council 
EcoPeace Middle East was invited to present its work at the United Nations Security Council in order to discuss environmental peacemaking and to shift environmental water management from a source of conflict towards a platform for cross-border cooperation. >more

  Do you know "Hydrodiplomacy" ?
In all countries of the Middle East, water is a rare resource. Geo-political conflicts, lack of trans-boundary river management, acceleration of global warming. All this increases and crystallizes tensions and conflicts over access to water resources. For Fadi Georges Comair, water diplomat, ”hydro-diplomacy” could be a solution for these countries to manage their common water resources. With his association Medurable, F. Comair regularly organizes symposia around this concept, the last one concerned the basins of the Tigris and Euphrates (10 of December 2018, Paris). The next will focus on the key issues of governance around water issues. This is an opportunity to revive the issue that Europe has to support the Water Framework Directive and cross-border governance of its trans-boundary watercourse. It is important to preserve them.  >  more information on Medurable


Patagonia Enterprise increases its support to save the planet and its rivers

•  Patagonia presents the new documentary "Artifishal"
Patagonia’s new documentary “Artifishal” condems intensive salmon farming in northern European aquaculture farms. It highlights the consequences of these farms for our wild fish and rivers..  
> Watch the trailer

•  Sign Patagonias Petition "Protect Wild Fish"
Tell decision makers to stop wasting money on failed plans and invest in science-based solutions to save endangered wild salmon and orcas: Stop hatcheries, reduce harvesting and remove dams. .   > Sign the petition

Additionally we thank Patagonia for reversing Trump's tax cut to save the Planet



14 - 16 May     > The World Hydropower Congress in Paris > more
22 - 23 May     > International . Dam Removal Seminary "Let it flow"  in Estonia on the River Parnu  > more  
6 - 14 July         > 30th anniversary of  SOS Loire Vivante and its successfull movement to save the Loire river, including an 8 day walk from 
                              Le Puy en Velay to the source of the Loire  > more (in french only)
14 July  :          > Big Jump for rivers! Come and join the fun to show your love for European rivers ... >  
24 - 26 Sept      > International Conference on large dam removal, Rennes and Mont Saint Michel, France (Selune Revival)  > more
                > France will host the World Congress of the IUCN in Marseille > more
2020                   > World Fish Migration Day May 16th Registration is open! And this time it’s all about LOVE!   > more


Bringing life back to Europe's waters: The EU water law in action

The WFD is one of the most ambitious, holistic pieces of EU environmental legislation ever to pass. The report  by WWF, EEB, the European Anglers Alliance and European Rivers Network

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Dam Removal: a viable solution for the future of our European rivers

This new study calls for tens of thousands of redundant dams and other barriers to be removed to help restore rivers and lakes – boosting wildlife...

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Connected and flowing: a renewable future for rivers, the climate and people

WWF and TNC just published this report showing how global climate change and energy goals can be met without sacrificing free-flowing rivers...

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