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1. Organizations that deal on a international level

Please find this section on ERN new WEBSITE (European Rivers Network)

 2. Organizations that deal on a national level in Europe 

Belgium :

Czech Republic:









  • Internationale Kommission zum Schutz der Oder (MKOO) see "international section"
  • Klub Gaja Stowarzyszenie Ekologiczno-Kulturalne "Klub Gaja" is an indedpendent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation. One of its activitys is to run a campaign to save the River Vistula ! 
  • PROM Coalition or Wetland Protection
  • Time for Odra (NGO Campaign to protect the nature and promote the sustainable development in the Odra basen)
  • WWF Poland Program


  • G.E.O.T.A. is a Portuguese Environmental and Land Management NGO.
  • Hidronet Portugal
  • SOS Rio Paiva is an NGO from Portugal dealing with a mountain river conservation. The SOS Rio Paiva aims to promote socio-cultural and environmental preservation of Paiva River Valley (Natura 2000), through the promotion of sustainable and ecological practices.

Slovakia :

Sweden : 

Spain :

Switzerland :

UK United Kingdom :

Ukrainia :

  • Ukrainian Rivers Network, Contact: Gennadiy Marushevsky National Ecological Centre of Ukraine Phone: +38 044 238 62 60 Fax: +38 044 238 62 59. Tel./fax: + 38 044 246 58 62 E-mail: river@wetl.kiev.ua 

    outside Europe (national level)

Australia :

Canada :  

  • Dam Removal On The Theodosia River   Description: A public campaign to dismantle an old dam on British Columbia's TheodosiaRiver, with the intention of restoring a multi-million-dollar salmon fishery.(Canada)
  • ottertooth.com watching and defending rivers (Rupert and more).

Egypte :

  • SAWSE Sakia Association for Water in Society and Environment

India : 





South Africa :

  • Southern Africa Rivers Association (SARA). This is an association of river tourism interests. For more info (not on the Web) contact:
    SARA / P.O. Box 645 / Irene 0062 / South Africa

    Head Office: Ph/Fax: +27.12.667.1838 ; e-mail: sara@intekom.co.za
  • Water Research Fund The main priority research areas are: Water use, conservation and technologies; Social, political and economic issues (including cost recovery, sanitation and gender); and Policy and legal issues. 



3. Organizations that deal on a regional or local level 

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