The Ebro River Basin


Ebro River: L'assut de Xerta 1988
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The Ebro is rising near the atlantic coast (Cantabrian Mts). It crosses beautiful gorges in Catalogna before
emptying through a wide delta into the Mediterranean. This famous delta, covering 320 km², is one of the most important wetlands in Europe. Yet, a intensive rice growing area is covering 60 % of the delta.

Particularities :
* Irrigation is responsible for a important hydrolic deficit : an average 300 m3/s is taken off the river : its natural flow should therefore be of 745 m3/s instead of the present 430 !
* Large hydroelectic power plants in the Ebro system supply 50 % of Spain electricity !

Length : 575 mi (928 km)
Basin area : 33420 sq mi (85 550 km²)

Flow at the mouth : 426 m3/s in 1994 (i.e. 22% less than in 1971)
Main tributaries : Jalon, Gallego, Cinca-Segre, Aragon


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